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What had been created are various new processes with the corresponding newly created devices that support or to handle the new processes in order to attained the desired outcome of the new processes. One desired outcome is to produce a low technology cooling system that can be easily made by the ordinary man for himself and this is answered by the creation of a misting tube having a plurality of water misting nozzles and a blower blows wind thru the water mist towards a place or into a house or into an office. An alternative of this is a blower that blows wind thru the water mist created by an atomizer and into a house, a building, a work shop, a play area, or into a green house or plantation. An improvement of this is misting tube being place infront of a blower by attaching the misting tube to the frame/shell of the blower so that the misting tube goes freely with the left and right oscillation of the blower. A further improvement of this water-mist-blower system is where the water is mist sprayed inside a vacuumed air duct to speed up water evaporation wherein air is passed thru a multi-tube radiator inside the vacuumed air duct and the cold air from the air duct is passed thru a hybrid Centrifugal Cyclone separator to remove surplus water mist. Further created are desalination devices.

Water-mist blower cooling system and its new applications
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6293121 (B1)
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August 20, 1998
Publication Date
September 25, 2001
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Ter., San Diego
F28D 5/00
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