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A geographical position/image capturing system stores object images and position coordinates as digital data. The system incorporates a geo-addressed map data base and geo-positioning device for relating the position of the system at the time the image is captured to the captured digital image data and the geo-addressed map. A point-of-interest feature data base is linked to the image data and the position data, by hyper-media links. Digital multi-media entities such as graphics, video clips, audio streams and the like can be digitally stored and retrieved based on hyper-media links coupling the entities to the object images, the map position and feature data base. A playback unit incorporating an image viewer communicates with the stored digital digital image data, the multi-media entities, the map data base, and the feature data base and allows modified images of selected portions of the images and other data to be viewed by a user. An audio reproduction device may be included to reproduce the audio media entities when they are selected by the appropriate hyper-media link. In one embodiment of the system, the image capturing function and the geo-positioning function are physically remote from the viewing function until the captured data is transferred to the retrieval and playback unit. In another embodiment, the capture functions and playback functions are combined in a compact, hand-held, portable unit for consumer or industrial field use. The images, position data and multi-media entities may be stored as a single, compressed, linked digital data file. The data file is provided with hyper-media connections between the various entities, which connections are actuated by clicking on icons displayed on the viewer, or by actuating buttons or switches provided on the system console. Angular orientation determining device for providing angular orientation data may also be incorporated such that the system angular orientation at the time of image capture may be captured and stored for subsequent retrieval and display.

Geographical position/image digital recording and display system
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6282362 (B1)
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October 10, 1997
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August 28, 2001
John Schipper
Palo Alto
Mark Nichols
Arthur N Woo
Michael Murphy
San Jose
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman
Trimble Navigation
H04N 5/76
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