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A high energy surgical launch fiber termination includes a cylindrical quartz ferrule having a bore through it of a first predetermined diameter. An optical fiber, which has at least a silica core and a polymer external jacket, is attached to the quartz ferrule by stripping the external jacket from a length of the end of the optical fiber to expose a portion of the silica core. This inner core is inserted into the bore in the quartz ferrule, and is fused to the ferrule by means of heat fusion, without employing any adhesives, to bond the ferrule and the optical fiber together. A metal beam block surrounds at least a portion of the quartz ferrule on the side where the optical fiber is inserted into it. The beam block includes an extension surrounding the polymer external jacket of the fiber; and the extension is crimped onto the polymer jacket to hold the beam block and fiber in place.

Launch fiber termination
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6282349 (B1)
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February 17, 2000
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August 28, 2001
Stephen Griffin
3437 E. Melody Dr., Phoenix
The Halvorson Law Firm
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