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An adjustable bed which includes a first frame and a second slide frame upon and relative to the first frame. The first frame includes side guides along which roll rollers carried by slide rails of the slide frame. The slide frame includes a backrest frame, a seat frame and a thigh/leg frame. The backrest frame is defined by opposite pairs of head arms and back arms transversely connected by crossbars between the head arm and between the back arms. A pair of extendable/retractable members are connected one to each of the crossbars. The extendable/retractable members are relatively extended in a first position in which the backrest frame, seat frame and thigh/leg frames are disposed in a substantially horizontal plane and a second position in which the backrest frame is raised and the seat frame is closer to a head end of the frame. The thigh/leg frame is also defined in part by a pair of legs which are moved between a first position in substantial horizontal relationship and a second position angulated thereto. Extendable and retractable members move the pair of legs between the first and second positions by moving from a retracted position and vice versa.

Adjustable bed and adjustable frame therefor
Application Number
Publication Number
6276011 (B1)
Application Date
March 17, 2000
Publication Date
August 21, 2001
Santino Antinori
4924 St. Croix Dr., Tampa
Diller Ramik & Wight
A61G 7/06
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