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In an apparatus for extracting information from an input speech signal, a preprocessor, a buffer, a segmenter, an acoustic classifier and a feature extractor are provided. The preprocessor generates formant related information for consecutive time frames of the input speech signal. This formant related information is fed into the buffer, which can store signals representative of a plurality of frames. The segmenter monitors the signals representative of the incoming frames and identifies segments in the input speech signal during which variations in the formant related information remain within prespecified limits. The acoustic classifier then determines classification information for each segment identified by the segmenter, based on acoustic classes found in training data. The feature estimator then determines, for each segment, the information required, based on the input speech signal during that segment, training data and the classification information determined by the acoustic classifier.

Apparatus and method for normalizing an input speech signal
Application Number
Publication Number
6275795 (B1)
Application Date
January 8, 1999
Publication Date
August 14, 2001
Eli Tzirkel Hancock
Merrow Park
Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
G10L 19/14
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