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An improved protective headgear apparatus for usage in connection with sporting activities, such as football, hockey, cycling, and the like, and other activities requiring the usage of protective head gear. The protective headgear apparatus is specifically designed to improve the absorption and dissipation of primary forces directly into the shell of the helmet. The assembly comprises a plurality of pre-formed protective pads removably affixed to critical areas of the exterior of the helmet shell for the purpose of decreasing trauma and concussion to users thereof. Such critical or vulnerable locations are: (1) each side of the helmet, at the ear and above the ear; (2) the front of the helmet, between and above the eyes; (3) the rear or occipital area; and (4) the crown of the dome. The pre-formed protective pads function to receive primary forces, with the shell receiving secondary forces, the interior padding receiving additional forces, and only the remaining dissipated forces being distributed to the user's head and brain. Such ancillary protective pad members may be designed to release from the shell when the force of a glancing blow is greater than the force of the fastening attachment. Usage of the invention adds minimal weight to the helmet, with no holes or modifications added to the helmet for attachment. The added protective pads further function to protect the shell of the helmet from fractures and cracks. Thus, the invention allows for increased safety and protection in an inexpensive manner, one that can be manufactured and distributed with relative ease.

Apparatus for enhancing absorption and dissipation of impact forces for all protective headgear
Application Number
Publication Number
6272692 (B1)
Application Date
January 4, 2001
Publication Date
August 14, 2001
Carl Joel Abraham
3 Baker Hill Rd., Great Neck
A42B 3/00
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