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A computer system is provided with a non-volatile memory module that is shared by a plurality of system components during system initialization. In one embodiment, the computer system comprises a processor for executing program instructions, a memory device for storing data and program instructions, a number of integrated system components for carrying out specialized functions, a bridge logic device for communication between the processor, memory, and system components, and a shared non-volatile memory module for storing configuration information for each of the system components. Each of the integrated system components is configured to retrieve its associated configuration information from the shared non-volatile memory module during initialization, rather than from a dedicated non-volatile memory as is conventionally done. This consolidation of multiple non-volatile memories into a single memory module provides numerous advantages including reduction of cost and required space on the motherboard. The non-volatile memory module may include an arbiter for resolving memory access conflicts, and may further include a bus protocol translator for converting between interfaces implemented by the system components and the interface of a chosen non-volatile memory array where the configuration information is actually stored. In one contemplated embodiment, the non-volatile memory module may be incorporated into the non-volatile system memory where the BIOS is stored. In this embodiment, the non-volatile system memory might be coupled to a system bus through a system interface, and coupled to a number of serial busses through a second interface.

System board with consolidated EEPROM module
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6272584 (B1)
Application Date
September 10, 1998
Publication Date
August 7, 2001
Charles J Stancil
Conley Rose & Tayon P C
Jonathan M Harris
Michael F Heim
Compaq Computer Corporation
G06F 13/14
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