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A data mining apparatus is disclosed for finding a useful association rule from among a large number of association rules discovered through data mining by setting evaluation criteria of the association rules which differ depending on the user's purpose. The data mining apparatus includes an association rule generator which forms and outputs an association rule file based on data items stored in a data base, an evaluation criterion assignor which outputs an evaluation criterion file based on the evaluation criterion assigned by the user, an association rule evaluator which calculates an evaluation value based on the evaluation criterion file and updates information about the association rules in the association rule file. The data mining apparatus further includes a performance result display which displays the re-evaluated value information of the association rules in the association rule file, re-arranges display order, limits the association rules to be displayed, and then displays the re-arranged and limited association rules.

Data mining apparatus for discovering association rules existing between attributes of data
Application Number
Publication Number
6272478 (B1)
Application Date
December 31, 1997
Publication Date
August 7, 2001
Satoshi Yasuda
Yasushi Obata
Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha
G06F 15/18
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