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A visual index method provides graphical output from search engine results or other URL lists. Search engine results or a list of URLs are passed to a web crawler that retrieves the web page and other media information present at the associated URL. The web crawler then passes this information to a page renderer which also receives image scale and format information regarding the web pages present at the URLs. The graphical information as well as other media information is then rendered into a reduced graphical form so that the page may be summarily reviewed by the user. Media, visual, or other information may also be downwardly scaled as appropriate or rendered in its original as appropriate (such as with audio data streams). A variety of convenient formats allows the user to quickly and readily scan the presentation at the URL web pages or other data present. Image maps associated with the reduced images may also provide hyperlink access to the linked web page and/or multimedia allowing the links present on the web page in its original to be accessed through the reduced image provided by the web page renderer.

Graphical search engine visual index
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6271840 (B1)
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September 24, 1998
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August 7, 2001
Bryan F Pelz
3854 N. Orchid La., #D, Calabasas
Jerry Hermel
5333 Wortser Ave., Sherman Oaks
James Lee Finseth
926 1st St., #2, Hermosa Beach
Cislo & Thomas
G06F 3/14
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