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The present invention is an environmental barrier for an OLED. The environmental barrier has a foundation and a cover. Both the foundation and the cover have a top of three layers of (a) a first polymer layer, (b) a ceramic layer, and (c) a second polymer layer. The foundation and/or the cover may have a at least one set of intermediate barrier each having (a) an intermediate polymer layer with (b) an intermediate ceramic layer thereon. In a preferred embodiment, the foundation has a substrate upon which at least a top is deposited. An OLED is constructed upon the top, opposite the substrate. The cover of at least a top then placed over the OLED. The placement may be by gluing or preferably by vacuum deposition. For use as a display, it is preferred that either the ceramic layer(s) in the foundation, cover or both is substantially transparent to the light emitted by the OLED. Each layer of the foundation and the cover is preferably vacuum deposited. Vacuum deposition includes monolayer spreading under vacuum, plasma deposition, flash evaporation and combinations thereof. It is further preferred that all layers are deposited and cured between rolls or rollers to avoid the defects that may be caused by abrasion over a roll or roller.

Environmental barrier material for organic light emitting device and method of making
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6268695 (B1)
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December 16, 1998
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July 31, 2001
John D Affinito
Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff L
Battelle Memorial Institute
H01J 1/62
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