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Surgical method and apparatus for resectioning tissue, preferably lumenal tissue, with a remaining portion of an organ being anastomized with staples or other fastening device, preferably endolumenally. The apparatus may be inserted via a naturally occurring body orifice or a surgical incision and then advanced using either endoscopic or radiological imaging guidance to an area where surgery is to be performed. Under endoscopic or diagnostic imaging guidance the apparatus is positioned so tissue to be resected is manipulated into an inner cavity of the apparatus. The apparatus then cuts the diseased tissue after stapling and retains the diseased tissue within the apparatus. The rent resulting in a border of healthy tissue is anastomosed with surgical staples.

Surgical apparatus and method
Application Number
Publication Number
6264086 (B1)
Application Date
December 10, 1997
Publication Date
July 24, 2001
James F McGuckin Jr
419 Spring Mill Rd., Villanova
Kenyon & Kenyon
A61B 17/04
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