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A combination of a modular tray for use in forming grass turf tiles and a removable grass turf tile formed therein is provided. The combination includes a modular tray having a turf tile support surface and a plurality of parallel ribs formed in the support surface and extending downwardly therefrom. Drainage notches are formed through a lower surface of the nibs. The ribs are asymmetrically spaced with respect to a center line of the support surface such that stacking the modular trays in alternating orientations rotated by 180° results in vertically staggered ribs. Sidewalls extend upwardly from a periphery of the support surface to a generally uniform height above the support surface. Flanges extend from an upper edge of the sidewalls to form a generally planar rim. A drainage material is located on and generally coextensive with the turf tile support surface over the ribs. A mixture of root zone material and fiberous inclusions are located on the drainage layer and has a generally uniform thickness approximately equal to a height of the sidewalls. Grass roots are intertwined with the soil and fibers to form a grass turf tile bounded by the sidewalls, which is removable from the support surface. A method of providing a playing field from modular grass turf tiles is also provided.

Modular grass turf tile system and tray
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6263616 (B1)
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April 7, 1999
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July 24, 2001
J Robert Hummer
3705 Nolt Rd., Mount Joy
Volpe & Koenig PC
A01G 9/02
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