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This invention relates to a medication container that organizes several vials or cassettes of different types of medication by securing the vials to a unitary lid. A machine readable memory strip is affixed to each vial. Each memory strip contains prescription information and medication information pertaining to the medication in the vial. The unitary lid is equipped with sensors that read each memory strip and transmit the information to the computer processor and its associated memory device. The processor determines when each medication is to be taken and signals the patient to take the appropriate medication from the appropriate vial at the appropriate time. Indicator lights and a display are provided for this purpose. The vials are standard or slightly modified childproof pill containers, but can take the form of a blister pack dispenser or other containers as well. The lid is provided with a mechanism for dispensing or allowing the removal of medication from the vials, and obtaining actual medication consumption information based on when the pill is dispensed or when the lid is opened. This actual consumption information is used to keep inventory information regarding the number of each type of medication doses remaining in the container. The memory strips can be machine readable and writable so that they can be altered to include actual consumption information and inventory information. The automated lid contains a receiver for obtaining updated medication dosing information based on current laboratory tests or physical observations of the physician regarding the patient.

Multi-vial medication organizer and dispenser
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6259654 (B1)
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November 3, 1998
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July 10, 2001
Carlos de la Huerga
River Hills
Sokol Law Office
Telaric L L C
G04B 37/00
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