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A demultiplexer for a two-dimensional array of a plurality of nanometer-scale switches (molecular wire crossbar network) is disclosed. Each switch comprises a pair of crossed wires which form a junction where one wire crosses another and at least one connector species connecting said pair of crossed wires in said junction. The connector species comprises a bi-stable molecule. The demultiplexer comprises a plurality of address lines accessed by a first set of wires in the two-dimensional array by randomly forming contacts between each wire in the first set of wires to at least one of the address lines. The first set of wires crosses a second set of wires to form the junctions. The demultiplexer solves both the problems of data input and output to a molecular electronic system and also bridges the size gap between CMOS and molecules with an architecture that can scale up to extraordinarily large numbers of molecular devices. Further, the demultiplexer is very defect tolerant, and can work despite a large number of defects in the system.

Demultiplexer for a molecular wire crossbar network (MWCN DEMUX)
Application Number
Publication Number
6256767 (B1)
Application Date
March 29, 1999
Publication Date
July 3, 2001
R Stanley Williams
Mountain View
Philip J Kuekes
Menlo Park
Hewlett Packard Company
G06F 17/50
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