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An interface apparatus is inserted into a floppy disk drive unit so as to establish an infrared data communication between a desk top type personal computer and a digital still camera even when this desk top type personal computer is not equipped with an infrared communication port. This interface apparatus is arranged by employing: a casing unit having an entire shape substantially identical to that of a floppy disk and having a head window portion; a magnetic interface provided in the head window portion of the casing unit,and abutting against a magnetic head of a floppy disk drive so as to transmit/receive data to/from the magnetic head; a projected portion projected from a floppy disk insertion port of the floppy disk drive when the interface apparatus is loaded on the floppy disk drive; an infrared port arranged in the projected portion; an infrared port controller for controlling the infrared port to establish an infrared communication between the infrared port and an external electronic appliance; and a data converting circuit for converting the data used between the external electronic appliance connected via the connection mechanism to the interface apparatus, and the magnetic interface.

Interface apparatus operable by using floppy disk drive
Application Number
Publication Number
6256688 (B1)
Application Date
December 1, 1998
Publication Date
July 3, 2001
Tatsuo Arai
Hiroyuki Suetaka
Frishauf Holtz Goodman Langer & Chick P C
Casio Computer
G06F 13/12
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