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A wireless security system having a remote indication device, which operates in a low power mode. The remote indication device provides feedback in the form of a display indicating that a command from a remote control device has been successfully performed or to provide status. The user transmits a first radio frequency signal with a remote control device that is received by a first receiver in the remote indication device during a reduced current mode. The remote indication device then switches to normal current mode, which enables a second receiver, a transmitter, a processing unit and optionally disables the first receiver. The transmitter then retransmits the contents of the first radio frequency signal as a second radio frequency signal to a central control unit via a central receiver. The central control unit then transmits a confirmation or status message back to the remote indication device via a central transmitter in the form of a confirmation radio frequency signal. The remote indication device provides a presentation of the contents of the confirmation radio frequency signal on a presentation unit before returning to the reduced current mode in which the second receiver, transmitter, presentation unit, and processing unit are disabled and the first receiver is enabled. The status is optionally stored in the remote indication device, which enables the status to be re-presented upon request by the user. Alternatively, one receiver may include both the first and second receivers and operate in either the normal operating mode or the reduced power mode.

Remote indication device for use in wireless security systems
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6255944 (B1)
Application Date
December 26, 1997
Publication Date
July 3, 2001
Kenneth L Addy
Greenberg Traurig
Anthony R Barkume
G08B 1/08
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