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An intravitreal medicine delivery device and method are provided and include an implant device through which a wide variety of beneficial medicines including drugs or other pharmacological agents can be introduced into the vitreous cavity over an extended period of time with only a single initial surgery to implant the device. The device and method minimize the surgical incision needed for implantation and avoid future or repeated invasive surgery or procedures. Additional amounts of the initial medicine can readily be introduced or the medication can be varied or changed, as required. Furthermore, the device and method allow the dosage delivered to the vitreous cavity to be device is constructed so as to filter medicines delivered to the cavity and also avoids damage to or interference with other parts of the eye during implantation or during use.

Intravitreal medicine delivery
Application Number
Publication Number
6251090 (B1)
Application Date
November 2, 1998
Publication Date
June 26, 2001
Jeffrey Kevin Luttrull
3160 Telegraph Rd., Suite 230, Ventura
Robert Logan Avery
659-C Del Parque Dr., Santa Barbara
Leo F Costello
A61M 5/00
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