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A multi-point mobility device that is capable of navigating over rough terrain without difficulty, including snow, say and, and mud, and which is able to reconfigure the two belt track assemblies so as to minimize lateral friction by the belts with indoor floor surfaces or carpets.

A separate rear wheel, located behind the side mounted track assemblies is able to be lowered when desired, so as to raise the rear portion of the multi-point mobility device off of the ground surface. In addition, the central wheel of the track assembly is also able to be raised or lowered, giving for possible track belt configurations including the normal track configuration, a second track configuration in which the front portion of the track is raised off of the ground surface, a third track configuration in which the rear wheel is lowered, along with the central wheel, to provide a three-point contact with the ground surface, and a fourth configuration in which the rear wheel is lowered raising a standard track configuration so that they three-point contact is achieved with the ground surface, providing turning ability at the extreme front-end of the device.

Multi-point mobility device
Application Number
Publication Number
6250409 (B1)
Application Date
September 1, 1999
Publication Date
June 26, 2001
Glenn D Wells
8429 N. Anderson Rd., Newton
Bradley P Sylvester
B62D 55/104
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