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A method and system for grouping a series of images stored in a digital camera. The digital camera includes a view finder for displaying a plurality of the image cells, where each of the image cells corresponds to one of the stored images. The digital camera also includes a navigation control button for positioning a highlight area around one of the plurality of image cells, and one or more function keys. The method and system includes assigning a mark function to one of the function keys, such that in response to the user pressing the assigned mark function key, the image cell currently highlighted is marked to provide a marked image. In response to the user repeating the above step, a group of marked images is created. The method and system further includes assigning at least one group function to one of the function keys, such that in response to a user pressing the assigned group function key, the group of marked images is collectively manipulated by the user.

Method and system for creating a temporary group of images on a digital camera
Application Number
Publication Number
6249316 (B1)
Application Date
August 23, 1996
Publication Date
June 19, 2001
Eric C Anderson
San Jose
Sawyer Law Group
FlashPoint Technology
H04N 5/225
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