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The present invention relates to new and useful apparatus for use with an intraluminally directed anvil apparatus for intraluminally directed vascular anastomosis of an end of a graft vessel to the wall of a receiving blood vessel that is performed according to a minimally invasive procedure. The intraluminally directed vascular anastomosis does not require the interruption of blood flow in the receiving blood vessel and it is versatile enough to suitably combine a variety of cutting, welding, soldering, sealing, and joining techniques such as stapling. The intraluminally directed anvil apparatus comprises an anvil and a wire used for signaling the optimal anastomosis site; this signaling can be performed when the initial exploration is performed. The intraluminally directed anvil apparatus is typically used with a catheter.

Anastomosis apparatus for use in intraluminally directed vascular anastomosis
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6248117 (B1)
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April 16, 1999
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June 19, 2001
Duane D Blatter
4220 Brockbank Way, Salt Lake City
Workman Nydegger & Seeley
A61B 17/08
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