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An electrical connector for electrically connecting a first circuit members to a second circuit member. The electrical connector includes an electrically insulative connector housing having one or more apertures. A first contact member is located in the aperture. The first contact member has at least one helical portion and a first circuit interface portion configured to engage with the first circuit member at a first circuit interface. A resilient, dielectric encapsulation material defines a first compliant member surrounding a portion of the first contact member within the aperture. The first compliant member provides a first mode of compliance. At least one aperture side wall is positioned to engage with the first contact member in a compressed mode. The first contact member defines a second compliant member. The first and second compliant members exhibit a second mode of compliance in response to engagement with the aperture side wall. The present invention is also directed to a replaceable chip module utilizing the present connector. The solderless connectors with multiple modes of compliance provide an initial insertion force differing from secondary insertion force. The connectors have multiple compliant members that can be independently adjusted to accommodate a wide range of first and second circuit members.

Multi-mode compliance connector and replaceable chip module utilizing the same
Application Number
Publication Number
6247938 (B1)
Application Date
October 29, 1998
Publication Date
June 19, 2001
James J Rathburn
Maple Plain
Faegre & Benson
H01R 12/00
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