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Systems for sensing, storing and updating operation parameters, visual conditions and audible conditions for an automotive vehicle include a plurality of sensors for registering vehicular operation parameters, including at least one vehicle-mounted digital video/audio camera. A microprocessor controller responsive to the vehicle operational parameters which have been registered by the plurality of sensors and video images and audio signals from the video/audio camera is provided for processing the operational parameters and the video images and the audio signals. A rewritable non-volatile memory is provided for storing those processed operational parameters, video images and audio signals which are provided by the microprocessor controller. The microprocessor controller updates the rewritable memory as new parameters, video images and audio signals are sensed. When the data is converted to computer-readable form and is read by a computer, an accident involving the automobile may be reconstructed.

Traffic accident data recorder and traffic accident reproduction system and method
Application Number
Publication Number
6246933 (B1)
Application Date
November 4, 1999
Publication Date
June 12, 2001
Adolfo Vaeza Bagué
Faicsa S.A., Gral. Pico 239, Villa Madero, Buenos Aires
Nixon & Vanderhye P C
G06F 7/00
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