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Methods and apparatus for treating disc herniation provide a conformable device which assumes a first shape associated with insertion and a second shape or expanded shape to occlude the defect which typically follows partial discectomy. The device may take different forms including patches size to cover the defect or plugs adapted to fill the defect. In a preferred embodiment, however, the device is a gel or other liquid or semi-liquid which solidifies to occlude the defect from within the body of the disc itself. In another preferred embodiment, a mesh screen is collapsed into an elongated form for the purposes of insertion, thereby minimizing the size of the requisite incision while avoiding delicate surrounding nerves. Such a configuration also permits the use of instrumentation to install the device, including, for example, a hollow tube or sheath adapted to hold the collapsed screen, and a push rod to expel the collapsed device out of the sheath for use in occluding the disc defect. A device may further include one or more anchors to assist in permanently affixing the device with respect to the defect.

Methods and apparatus for treating disc herniation
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6245107 (B1)
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May 28, 1999
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June 12, 2001
Bret A Ferree
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