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A wireless communications device, such as a cellular telephone, is provided with a touch-sensitive panel that is moveable between a normal position and a select position. The display on the wireless communications device is preferably graphical and includes a cursor; the movement of the cursor is controlled, at least in part, by the user's interaction with the touch-sensitive panel. The touch-sensitive panel is movable by rotation or simple vertical displacement between a normal up position and a select or down position. When the user pushes down on the touch-sensitive panel, the touch-sensitive panel is rotated or otherwise displaced into the second position. A detector, such as a reed switch or dome spring switch, senses when the touch-sensitive panel is moved to the select position and, in response, changes from an unselected state to a selected state. This state change is communicated to the main electronics of the wireless communications device to signal that a selection is occurring. When the touch-sensitive panel returns to the first position, the detector returns to the unselected state. Optionally, the touch-sensitive panel rests on a support which provides a bias force to urge the touch-sensitive panel to return to the normal position from the select position. This arrangement allows the user to select, and optionally, “drag-and-drop,” without removing their finger from the touch-sensitive panel, preferably with suitable tactile and audible feedback to the user.

Touch-sensitive panel with selector
Application Number
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6243080 (B1)
Application Date
July 14, 1998
Publication Date
June 5, 2001
Anders L Molne
Coats & Bennett PLLC
G09G 5/00
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