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An optical display system and method selectively displaces delta triad pixels vertically. The first raster line of picture information is removed from the video signal, and each subsequent raster line of picture information (data) is displaced upward. Next, the entire picture is optically displaced down by a distance equal to one vertical pixel pitch placing the picture back in its original vertical position, but horizontal position of the pixels has changed. Thus picture information is displaced horizontally a distance equal to one and one half times horizontal pixel pitch. Odd pixel rows are displaced in one direction, and even pixel rows are displaced in the opposite direction. The technique can be used to double pixel density and, thus, resolution, in the horizontal direction by the selective shifting technique and coordination with the input video signals. Two views of a picture alternate at the frame rate fast enough to fuse them into a single image, and two successive frames are combined over time to act as a single super frame. This is time based multiplexing of a spatial pattern. Thus, a composite picture is formed using a strip pixel pattern with twice the horizontal pixel density of the original delta pattern. The triads in the first half of this super frame may partially overlap the triads in the second half of the super frame. This technique can be applied to either progressive or interlace scan formats.

Optical display system and method with optical shifting of pixel position including conversion of pixel layout to form delta to stripe pattern by time base multiplexing
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6243055 (B1)
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June 19, 1998
Publication Date
June 5, 2001
James L Fergason
158 Almendral Ave., Atherton
G09G 3/00
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