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A system that tracks the current and historical locations of a GPS locator device carried by a person provides widely available access to data referencing these locations, so that a parent can easily and frequently monitor the location of a child. Monitoring of a child's location may be conducted via a Web site, which provides graphical maps of location data, or via calling into a call center. The present invention also provides a means for a parent to trigger the automatic transmission of the device's location, via a Web site or call placed to a call center agent or a VRU. The present invention also provides a process of auto-notification of a device's movement that exceeds a pre-specified threshold. The present invention also includes a capability to function as a proximity alert device.

Anytime/anywhere child locator system
Application Number
Publication Number
6243039 (B1)
Application Date
April 21, 1998
Publication Date
June 5, 2001
Bruce D Elliot
Colorado Springs
MCI Communications Corporation
G01S 3/02
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