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An improved user data protocol is well suited for both Internet radio and packeting switching networks and provides built in addressing and transport control capabilities. Basically, the user protocol consists of layers

4, 3,



of the seven layer OSI/ISO model. The protocol enables communications between Data Comminations Equipment and Data Terminal Equipment and particularly is adapted to provide communications both voice and data between radios. The main feature of the IMPROVED Protocol is the ability to transmit multiple data frames in a single transmission including the transmission of a particular synch. Transmissions basically consists of the transmission of an opening flag for a first frame and a data frame for the first frame and a closing flag for the first frame followed by an opening flag for the next frame and a data frame for the next frame and a closing flag for the next frame and so on where each data frame includes an address field followed by a control field followed by an information field which is followed by a frame check sequence. The frame format can be with or without an information field with each frame includes as indicated a flag, the address field, a control field, and a frame check sequence and an ending flag with the flag being an eight digit sequence of ones and zeros. Based on the unique flag format and the ability to provide different frame sequences one can implement a multi-addressing capability. This capability allows a user of the protocol to address a single message to many users. Multi-address messages are given to the network are inserted once at the source network node. Multi-address messages routed between network nodes going to the same node and travel across each interconnecting communication channel. Thus, the protocol and format reduces communication bandwidth to a minimum.

User data protocol for internet data communications
Application Number
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6233248 (B1)
Application Date
October 14, 1997
Publication Date
May 15, 2001
Charles H Braun
Robert B Sautter
Long Pond
ITT Manufacturing Enterprises
H04Q 11/00
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