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A slot machine is configured to have a main game comprising a video reel slot arrangement with at least five reels and at least nine paylines and a secondary event selection game comprising a selection game. Whenever the player achieves a combination of symbols on the main game that awards the player with the opportunity to play the secondary event selection game, the number of chances provided to the player to play the secondary event game is based on the number of paylines that the player has played on the main game or by the number of credits wagered on each payline. Alternatively, the number of selections awarded to the player on the secondary event game can be determined by the symbol combinations achieved by the player on the main game. All selections by the player in the secondary event selection game can be winning selections or, alternatively, the selections in the secondary event selection game can be either winning or losing selections.

Video slot machine with multi-choice second bonus
Application Number
Publication Number
6231442 (B1)
Application Date
September 14, 1998
Publication Date
May 15, 2001
Jason Mayeroff
Las Vegas
John Edward Roethel
Battle Born Gaming
A63F 9/22
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