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An account processing method and system for providing specific pre-authorization parameters for transactions that require specific pre-authorization by a network user specifying conformity parameters within which any requested transaction parameters must comply in order to enable the requested transaction to be approved. Upon establishment of an account, transaction types by standard industrial code (SIC) are specified as needing specific authorization prior to approving the transaction as requested by a merchant An account issuer provides a service to account members that permits network user to independently specify the parametric conditions under which to approve a transaction within such categories. Once a transaction is approved, the pre-authorization is spent and requires individual pre-authorization of each transaction, thereby minimizing misuse of an account number by merchants or others that come into possession of the network user's account number.

System and method for pre-authorization of individual account remote transactions
Application Number
Publication Number
6226624 (B1)
Application Date
March 25, 1999
Publication Date
May 1, 2001
Brad Burke
15082 S. Kanab Ct., Draper
Craig J Watson
10026 S. Stone Mesa Ct., Sandy
Workman Nydegger Seeley
G06K 5/00
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