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A method and system for resilient internetwork connection of frame relay (FR) networks and/or end systems. For FR relay networks interconnected by a self-healing network, a standard protocol is provided which allows a resilient network-to-network interface NNI to automatically respond to physical interfaces failures detected by the self-healing network. Switching gateways in the resilient NNI, re-route further traffic to avoid the failed physical interface. In one embodiment, a simple set of interacting protocols and mechanisms control communication between FR/ATM gateways and ATM switches. Each FR/ATM gateway includes interworking function (IWF) processing modules for converting user data between frame relay packets and ATM cells and for processing status signaling messages to achieve a resilient NNI. Status signaling messages are used to determine when the physical interface which receives cell data differs from the physical interface over which data was sent as the result of a failure detected by the self-healing network. Cell traffic can then be switched to the receive ATM physical interface or to another pre-configured back-up physical interface. End-to-end resiliency is obtained between frame relay networks interconnected by a self-healing network which is not vulnerable to single point failure.

Method and system for resilient frame relay network interconnection
Application Number
Publication Number
6226260 (B1)
Application Date
August 15, 1997
Publication Date
May 1, 2001
David E McDysan
MCI Communications Corporation
H04L 12/50
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