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A credit card with driver's license for providing credit to an individual, information regarding the individual and proof of registration to operate a motor vehicle on a single form of identification. The credit card with driver's license includes a semi rigid thin piece of material having a face side, a photograph of the individual positioned on the face side, additional identifying information positioned on the face side and a magnetic strip storing information providing access to credit of the individual and personal information regarding the individual upon reading of said magnetic strip by a credit card terminal. The credit card with driver's license is registered with a department of motor vehicles in a state in which the owner resides and credit is provided by either an independent financial institution or the state government issuing the driver's license. The additional information includes at least one of a date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, sex and an address of the owner printed on said face side. The credit card with driver's license may be laminated to provide additional protection against altering information thereon. A strip is also positioned on a back side thereof within which the individual places a signature for purposes of authentication when accessing credit provided by said credit card with driver's license.

Credit card with driver's license or identification
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6224109 (B1)
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August 7, 1999
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May 1, 2001
James Yung Chien Yang
1212 Nuuana Avenue, #2008, Honolulu
Michael I Kroll
B42D 15/00
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