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An integrated credit card data processing method that allows transactions to be processed either as a payment or as a receipt of payment. The new process is a combination of the regular data processing method for consumer purchases of goods and services similar to those used by credit/charge cards, debit cards, and smart cards and a merchant processing method that allows acceptance of such payments. The second part of the invention is a method to execute an order on the manner of disposition of the proceeds of sale, such as payment by check, application of the excess cash to outstanding debts, investment into a plurality of investment accounts, or retention of the proceeds as a credit to the account. The third part of the invention is a method to provide a report of both purchases and sales itemized together for an account holder.

Method for multi-directional consumer purchasing, selling, and transaction management
Application Number
Publication Number
6216115 (B1)
Application Date
September 28, 1998
Publication Date
April 10, 2001
Paula Barrameda
20 Highland Ave., Maplewood
Benedicto Barrameda
20 Highland Ave., Maplewood
George W Dishong
G06F 17/60
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