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A system of networked terminal apparatus for creating a three dimensional animated work environment wherein terminal users of various levels of immersion are depicted as avatars in the virtual work environment and wherein actions and information of the terminal users is input into the virtual work environment through their corresponding avatars in order to perform complimentary, independent and cooperative tasks in parallel to create simultaneous sets of solutions to problems relating to command, control, communications, cognition and intelligence. In a preferred embodiment, the virtual work environment emulates an actual military command post, with all of the instruments and familiar surroundings emulated in function if not in form. The terminal users of the environment (i.e., the commanders and staff) immerse in this environment via virtual reality displays (audio and video) and inputs (microphone, body encoders and pointing devices) connected to individual personal computers. The avatars are able to interact with one another in the virtual environment and they are able to select and manipulate functional objects displayed in the virtual work environment. Non-immersed terminal users provide raw data streams to the virtual environment. The non-immersed terminal users are displayed as seated avatars or selectable icons. The immersed users, through their avatars, may select the seated avatars or icons to display data streams prepared by the non-immersed terminal users on projection screens displayed in the virtual work environment. The displayed data may be further processed by the immersed terminal users for collaborative decision making by the avatars present in the virtual environment. The processed data may be transmitted outside the virtual work environment as orders or instructions.

Virtual command post
Application Number
Publication Number
6215498 (B1)
Application Date
September 10, 1998
Publication Date
April 10, 2001
Glenn C Steiner
Los Altos
Mark P Morgenthaler
Los Gatos
Andrew S Filo
Thomas C Feix
Lionhearth Technologies
G06T 15/00
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