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Apparatus for the supply of breathable gas cyclically at an inspiratory pressure and a lower expiratory pressure substantially in synchronism with a patient's respiration. A flow generator coupled to a gas delivery system delivers breathable gas to the patient's airway. A motor controller receives a signal representing respiratory flow. The motor controller sends out a signal to control an electric motor and turbine to generate the desired inspiratory and expiratory pressures. The controller detects transitions between inspiration and expiration via a flow signal to discriminate between the respiratory phases of the patient. A counter counts a first time duration commencing from the last transition to inspiration and whereby if the first time duration elapses before a transition to expiration is detected, the controller initiates the supply of a given expiratory pressure. Furthermore, a second counter counts a second time duration commenced from the last transition to inspiration detected and signals the turbine to supply a given inspiratory pressure until the second time duration has elapsed even if during the second time duration a transition to expiration by the patient has occurred.

Inspiratory duration in CPAP or assisted respiration treatment
Application Number
Publication Number
6213119 (B1)
Application Date
December 12, 1997
Publication Date
April 10, 2001
Grant Willson
New South Wales
John William Ernest Brydon
New South Wales
Pillsbury Madison & Sutro
A61M 16/00
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