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The invention is directed to a masonry anchor for tying a masonry veneer wall to a stud back-up wall having an outer covering, the anchor comprising a generally planar anchor plate having an outer coupling end for connection to a veneer tie wire and an inner anchoring end for securement to the back-up wall. In one embodiment, the anchor plate has struck-out tabs extending laterally from the anchor plate, intermediate the coupling end and the anchoring end. The outer coupling end of the anchor is insertable through a slot opening cut into the outer covering adjacent a stud in the back-up wall until the tabs engage the outer covering of the stud back-up wall to provide for proper spacing of the coupling end from the back-up wall. In a second embodiment of the masonry anchor, at least the outer coupling end is of a corrosion resistant material.

Brick tie anchor
Application Number
Publication Number
6209281 (B1)
Application Date
December 17, 1998
Publication Date
April 3, 2001
John Rice
Bailey Metal Products
E04B 1/38
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