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A method and apparatus for storing and displaying multiple graphical images in a mixed video and graphics display is accomplished by determining an amount of memory sufficient to display a single graphics image in a subset of the display. Once the amount of memory required for a single image is determined, the pre-allocated portion of memory for graphics images is divided into an array. Graphics images are then rendered and stored within this array. One of the pre-rendered images is selected by a control block, wherein the selection is based on registers or parameters referenced by the control block. A display output engine fetches the selected one of the plurality of pre-rendered graphics images that is stored within the array and combines the selected graphics image with the video data stream to produce a display output stream. The display output stream is then fed to a display device that displays the graphics image.

Method and apparatus for displaying multiple graphics images in a mixed video graphics display
Application Number
Publication Number
6208354 (B1)
Application Date
November 3, 1998
Publication Date
March 27, 2001
Allen J C Porter
Markison & Reckamp P C
ATI International
G06T 11/80
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