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A precipitator having a through-flowing passage for the air to be purified. The precipitator is intended to be included in an air purification device, especially for purifying air from electrically charged particles. The precipitator is electrically connected to a high voltage source and has at least two electrode elements or groups of such elements arranged at different potential relative to each other. The electrode elements being designed as band-like strips that are arranged to circle at least once, and preferably several times, around an imaginary axis at a gap distance (d), seen in radial direction relative to the imaginary axis, from adjacent electrode elements. The extension of the electrode elements in the air flow direction is essentially less than their circled length around the imaginary axis. The edge section of the electrode elements, preferably at one side only of the body of the precipitator, are fixed relative to each other by the aid of fixing material.

Device for air cleaning
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6203600 (B1)
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December 1, 1998
Publication Date
March 20, 2001
Andrzej Loreth
Siemens Patent Services LC
Eurus Airtech
B03C 3/80
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