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An apparatus capable of, and a method of, playing audio, the apparatus comprising communicating, processing, and playing means for, and the method comprising the steps of: communicating a user's information preferences to an information provider; receiving, from the information provider, informational items that are responsive to the user's information references; interleaving and sequencing, for the user, a playing of the received informational items with a playing of a plurality of musical items included in an audio library of the user; and playing, for the user and responsive to the interleaving and sequencing, the received informational items within a playing of the plurality of musical items; and wherein the playing comprises a voice synthesizing of an at least one of informational item; wherein the playing is responsive to a schedule preferences of the user; wherein a verified apparent listening of a playing of an informational item is associated with a credit; and/or wherein a user's reception of a communication unrelated to the informational items is integrated within a playing of musical items.

Integration of music from a personal library with real-time information
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6192340 (B1)
Application Date
October 19, 1999
Publication Date
February 20, 2001
Max Abecassis
3207 Clint Moore Rd. #205, Boca Raton
G10L 11/00
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