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The present invention relates to a wind turbine used to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, more specifically, a long axis type of vertical-axis turbine allowing large columns of air to be harnessed. These devices differ from horizontal-axis (propeller) type windmills which typically rotate about a vertical axis in order that they may face directly into a wind. The present invention is designed to be employed as a cost effective alternate power source in any wind condition from a breeze to a gale wind. To increase the structural integrity, the torque generating elements, namely, the rotor blades, are not directly attached to the shaft but rather, they attach to the round top and bottom rotor cage plates through which torque forces generated can be transfered to the shaft. The unique design of an open cover on the top of the wind turbine allows wind from the direction above the wind turbine to be harnessed. The top shield structure has created a calm wind area between the shield and the top of the rotor cage that helps reduce turbidity and greatly facilitates wind exhaust from the system.

Wind turbine system
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6191496 (B1)
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December 1, 1999
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February 20, 2001
Dillyn M Elder
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