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A prosthetic implant for facilitating fusion of adjacent vertebrae includes an implant member dimensioned to be at least partially positioned within an intervertebral space defined between adjacent vertebrae. The implant member includes first and second vertebral engaging plates operatively connected to each other for respectively engaging vertebral end plates of the adjacent vertebrae and having discontinuous surfaces to engage the vertebral end plates and promote bone ingrowth. A displacement member is associated with the engaging plates and is deployable to cause relative movement of the engaging plates to thereby at least laterally displace the engaging plates whereby in a deployed position the engaging plates are in supportive engaged relation with the adjacent vertebrae. The first and second engaging plates are preferably pivotally connected to each other at respective end portions thereof to define a reduced entry profile to facilitate insertion within the intervertebral space. The implant member may also define an interior cavity for accommodating bone growth inducing substances. The first and second engaging plates preferably include apertures extending therethrough to permit communication with the bone growth inducing substances within the interior cavity. The first and second engaging plates may also include projections for engaging the vertebral end plates to assist retention of the implant within the intervertebral space. An apparatus and method for facilitating fusion of adjacent vertebrae are also disclosed.

Apparatus for fusion of adjacent bone structures
Application Number
Publication Number
6190414 (B1)
Application Date
October 31, 1996
Publication Date
February 20, 2001
Peter W J Hinchliffe
New Haven
Wayne P Young
Surgical Dynamics
A61F 2/44
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