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A system for preparing a consumable beverage, wherein a liquid and a granular material are brought together to produce the beverage. The system includes at least one vacuum pack enclosing a beverage making granular material therein. The free end of the pack defines a longitudinal narrow gap, and a closing seam adjacent the free end that retains the granular material within the vacuum pack. A holder is configured to receive and fully enclose the vacuum pack therein. A liquid dispensing mechanism is provided for dispensing a liquid. A needle-shaped tube connects to the liquid dispensing mechanism and includes a free end for piercing the vacuum pack and introducing the liquid into the vacuum pack. The holder includes an opening at one end to allow the end of the vacuum pack to extend below the holder when the vacuum pack is placed within the holder, and the holder further includes a movable sidewall positioned to engage the opposite end of the vacuum pack. A drive mechanism connected to the movable sidewall forcibly presses the movable sidewall against the opposite end whereby the vacuum pack is tightly pressed against the holder. Clamping plates are positioned to press against the portion of the vacuum pack that extends below the holder to maintain the narrow gap once the closing seam is opened by the internal pressure.

System and apparatus for preparing a beverage suitable for consumption
Application Number
Publication Number
6186051 (B1)
Application Date
July 31, 1997
Publication Date
February 13, 2001
Mathias Leonardus Cornelis Aarts
Merchant & Gould P C
Sara Lee De
A47J 31/24
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