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Apparatus and method for a location determination and reporting (LDR) system for clandestinely or surreptitiously determining and reporting a missing vehicle present location. The vehicle may be stationary or moving and may be anywhere within reach of a cellular central station to which the location is reported. The vehicle is equipped with a location determination (LD) unit (preferably hidden on the vehicle) that receives LD signals and determines the LD unit present location, a specially configured cellular telephone, and a call interceptor. When the vehicle is reported missing, a central station or the vehicle operator interrogates the vehicle LDR system by transmitting a location interrogation signal, commanding the LD unit to transmit its present location. The vehicle phone does not signal receipt of an incoming call for an initial time period of selected length &Dgr;t


, awaiting possible receipt of a location interrogation signal. If the incoming call includes a location interrogation signal, the cellular phone does not “ring” but transmits information on the LD unit present location to a specified recipient. If the incoming call does not include a location interrogation signal, the cellular phone “rings” audibly or visually, after the initial time delay, and simulates behavior as a normal cellular phone for that call. The cellular phone simulates normal operation if a vehicle occupant attempts to use the phone. An unauthorized user of the vehicle receives no indication that the innocuous cellular phone is used to track the vehicle present location.

Clandestine location reporting for missing vehicles
Application Number
Publication Number
6184801 (B2)
Application Date
May 11, 1999
Publication Date
February 6, 2001
James M Janky
Los Altos
William E Pelton Esq
Trimble Navigation
G08G 1/123
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