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The invention relates to a pedicle screw and an assembly aid therefor, wherein the pedicle screw comprises a threaded shank and a fork-like head formed by two distanced sections and wherein the sections between themselves form a receiver for an elongate rod and on the sides facing one another there are provided threaded sections into which a threaded element may be screwed for fastening the rod on the head. The head sections of the pedicle screw on the outside comprise a recess, the assembly aid comprises an elongate sleeve in which a shank is axially but rotationally securely displaceable, wherein on the front end of the shank, there are attached two parallel arms arranged at a distance, which with a front gripping section engage into the recesses of the head for transmitting a tension force, between the sleeve and the shank there is provided an adjusting mechanism for the axial relative adjustment of the two parts, and the shank comprises an axial passage for the leading through of a relatively thin tool shank from the rear end of the sleeve until beyond the front end of the shank.

Pedicle screw and an assembly aid therefor
Application Number
Publication Number
6183472 (B2)
Application Date
April 7, 1999
Publication Date
February 6, 2001
Christian Lutz
Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik
A61B 17/58
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