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A method and apparatus are provided for enabling multiple users to concurrently access a PC-based server in a home local area network using conventional TVs as display devices. A client system includes a TV, conventional input devices, such as a keyboard and a mouse, and a set top box for interfacing the TV to the network. The server maintains a system work area and multiple processes corresponding to user applications. The system work area is partitioned in the server into multiple independent, simultaneously active desktops, one desktop for each of the client systems. Individual processes are mapped to the appropriate desktop. Multiple frame buffers are maintained in the server, such that a different frame buffer is assigned to each client system. Each desktop is rendered within the server and stored in the corresponding frame buffer. The contents of each frame buffer are transmitted over a transmission medium to the set top box of the corresponding client system. Desktop display data is provided by the set top box to the corresponding TV for display to a user.

Apparatus and method for providing computer display data from a computer system to a remote display device
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6175861 (B1)
Application Date
February 6, 1998
Publication Date
January 16, 2001
Maurice B Richard
37 Black Brook Rd., Gorham
David A Ferris
25 Tall Pine Dr., West Buxton
Henry R Williams Jr
11 Broadway, Suite 1102, New York
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman
H04N 5/38
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