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A method for a game of skill tournament that is challenging and provides the player a reliable gauge of his skill level as compared to other players. The tournament has a qualifying round and a playoff round, and is played over an interactive computer system. In the qualifying round, a player competes against a host computer. The object of this round is to score a sufficient number of points to qualify for the highest level of performance possible. Once a player obtains a level of performance, he is recognized for his accomplishment and given a reward. This allows the player to gauge his skill level. In the playoff round, those players reaching a predetermined level of performance, play the same game simultaneously against the host computer under the same rules and conditions for a set amount of time. At the end of this time frame, the results are analyzed. Those players with the highest point totals will be recognized and given a reward.

Method for a game of skill tournament
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6174237 (B1)
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May 21, 1999
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January 16, 2001
John H Stephenson
4608 S. Knoxville, Tulsa
Head Johnson & Kachigian
A63F 13/00
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