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A floor for a basketball court or the like assembled from a plurality of separate floor sections arranged in staggered rows with each section including a plurality of spaced apart sleepers, a subfloor secured to the sleepers, and a wood strip flooring layer secured to the subfloor. Abutting edges of adjoining floor sections are reinforced by tongues and complementary edge pockets mounted on respective abutting edges of adjoining sections. The edge pockets may be formed by recessing the subfloor inwardly of outer edges of the sleepers and the flooring layer. A similar edge pocket may be formed on the adjoining floor section that the tongue is received into. Each tongue is preferably fabricated of a tough, non-marring polymeric material such as ultra-high molecular weight plastic. Alternatively, a similar tongue and pocket arrangement may be formed by mounting a tongue and bracket set on the subfloors of adjoining floor sections.

Portable multi-section activity floor and method of manufacture and installation
Application Number
Publication Number
6173548 (B1)
Application Date
May 20, 1998
Publication Date
January 16, 2001
Mark S Young
P.O. Box 318, Chassell
Douglas J Hamar
220 Willson Memorial Dr., Chassell
E04B 1/00
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