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A description is given of a device and a method for reconstructing the three-dimensional structure of blood vessels or other structures. The method comprises the stages of: obtaining at least three images of the blood vessels to be reconstructed, each of said images showing reference points which permit the determination of a matrix (T) which describes the geometric projections associated with each image; identifying, by means of said three images, a starting point for the tracing of a center line of a blood vessel; tracking the center line of the blood vessel to an end point; determining the cross-sectional dimension of said blood vessel at a plurality of points of the center line; reconstructing the three-dimensional image of the blood vessel from said cross-sectional dimensions and said center line.

Method and device for reconstructing three-dimensional images of blood vessels, particularly coronary arteries, or other three-dimensional structures
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6169917 (A)
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December 29, 1998
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January 2, 2001
Ada Fort
Via Cacuni 15, 50141 Florence
Francesco Buzzigoli
Via XXV Aprile 37, 50019, Sesto F.No., Florence
Riccardo Pini
Via Delle Porte Nvove, 27, 50144 Firenze
Leonardo Masotti
Via Bolognese, 81, 50019 Sesto F.NO, Florence
McGlew and Tuttle P C
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