06164308 is referenced by 17 patents and cites 114 patents.

A method and device for transferring a multiphase flow to a predetermined location through a pipe. The multiphase flow is comprised of at least a liquid phase and a gas phase. The multiphase flow is provided to a flow divider that diverts a gas portion from the multiphase flow. A compressor and a pump are in fluid communication with the flow divider. The main gas portion is boosted by the compressor, and the residual liquid/gas portion is boosted by the pump. A recombination manifold then recombines the gas portion and the residual liquid portion. A single pipe receives the recombined multiphase flow and transfers it to a predetermined location.

System and method for handling multiphase flow
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November 4, 1998
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December 26, 2000
Bryan V Butler
Box 1057, Spring, 77383
Standley & Gilchrist
E03B 1/00
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