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A position touch sensor having a substrate and a resistive layer disposed on the substrate. At least one pair of electrodes is positioned on the resistive layer. A portion of one electrode is spaced from a portion of another electrode to produce an overlapped resistive region between the spaced portions of the electrodes. An insulating region extends into and terminates in the overlapped resistive region from a resistive region of the resistive layer outside the overlapped resistive region. A method for controlling the flow of current through a resistive layer for converting physical position information on the resistive layer into electrical signals. The method includes determining a dimension of a length of a generally continuous resistive section which is to be located in the resistive layer. The dimension of the length is determined through the use of electrical excitation in the resistive layer. A first insulating region is disposed in the resistive layer to form a first boundary of the generally continuous resistive section. Subsequently and at a distance from the first insulating region essentially equaling the dimension of the length, a second insulating region is disposed in the resistive layer to form a second boundary of the generally continuous resistive section such that current may be conducted through the generally continuous resistive section between the first and second insulating regions.

Touch sensitive screen and method
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December 12, 1997
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December 19, 2000
Joel Kent
35937 Gaskell Ct., Fremont, 94536
Paulo Irulegui Gomes
127 Lee St., Santa Cruz, 95060
James L Aroyan
3230 Mission Dr., Santa Cruz, 95065
G08C 21/00
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