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The present invention involves a system and method for a user of smokeless tobacco to reduce the deleterious effects to oral tissues from the chemicals generated from using smokeless tobacco. A protective shield encloses a quantity of tobacco while resting in a mouth of a user, generally between the cheek and gum surfaces. The protective shield may be impermeable, sanitary, and disposable or biodegradable. It may assist in reducing leukoplakia and other oral diseases related to the use of smokeless tobacco. It attempts to allow the normal use of smokeless tobacco without interfering with speech, drinking, and other activities while providing some protection from the chemicals. The present invention involves a system and includes a container for holding the shields, having an opening for removing the shields for convenience and to encourage use, typically in the vicinity to a quantity of smokeless tobacco for easy access. It can be integrated into a lid of a smokeless tobacco container or other locations as well as sold as separate packets.

System and method for protecting oral tissues from smokeless tobacco
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April 10, 1998
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December 19, 2000
Dedric M Derr
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